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Here on this page we share with you Miracle Box Latest Setup V3.0.4 for you. Miracle Thunder one of the best selling professional paid mobile repairing tool for all Chinese mobile phones. Miracle box is one of the best mobile solution tools around the globe and it supports more than 3million plus devices. With this tool, you can repair all the device software problems. Its help to unlock network, FRP Bypass, Flash Firmware, Read Firmware, IMEI repair and many more things you can repair with the help of this tool.


What is Miracle Box?

Miracle box latest Setup supports all the latest and old Chinese smartphones to fix and repair all the OS related problems very easily. Miracle Box is based on fuzzy-logic technology it’s a new technology, more info checks down below we already added a section about fuzzy-logic technology on below. However, we also discuss here Miracle Box Latest Setup v3.04 and the features of the latest version. The huge features of this tool it can support all the latest Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, Infocus, Infinix, and all the MTK, SPD, Qualcomm devices easily. Well, this tool is supported only on Windows OS. please note this tool is a  premium tool you need to buy this tool before you use this tool, here we share the latest version of this Miracle Box setup.

So if you already buy the Miracle Thunder dongle hardware box then you can Download Miracle Box Latest Setup v3.01 here and using it now. However, This new version comes with new many features and loaded with a bunch of Android phones again so check down below to know the latest features of this tool.

What is Fuzzy Logic Technology?

Fuzzy Logic Technology is a new technology and its a combination of Hardware and Software. The latest Fuzzy Logic technology has updated to the next level cause now it does not depend on the device firmware Databases, It checks and uses its own functions to fin the problem and the solutions of it. Well, it changes its own functions according to the problem accrued in the device. Which is not necessary to update the database of the Miracle Box.

Miracle Box Latest Setup

Features Of Miracle Box Latest Setup v3.04


Miracle Box Latest Setup Tool comes with an installer.zip package. That means just download then extract the tool and then open the installer and then install the tool on your computer to use it.

Make sure: You need to install the Miracle USB driver first before you install and activate this tool on your PC.

Simple User interface

Miracle Thunder tool comes with a simple user interface. that means no need to be an expert to use this tool. anyone can use this tool.

Support Devices

Miracle Box Latest Setup v3.04 has the huge support of almost all Chinese MTK and SPD powered smartphones and also it also supports Qualcomm Samsung, Nokia, and many more Android and feature phones easily.

FRP Bypass

This tool supports all types of Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung devices to repair all kinds of software-related problems. there are some several separate tools available to FRP Bypass, Flashing and unlocking all smartphones.

  • Miracle Vivo Tool.
  • Huawei Tool.
  • Miracle Xiaomi Tool.

Advantages of Miracle Thunder Box 

  • This tool based on the latest Fuzzy Logic technology.
  • It’s a User-Friendly tool work on Single Click.
  • The miracle tool comes with CPU Auto-Detection.
  • No need to update daily.
  • This tool has the biggest data Library.
  • Support Multilanguage.

Disadvantages of Miracle Thunder Box

To be frank miracle box also comes with disadvantages.

  • Miracle Thunder Box comes with a 150-200$ price tag.
  • Not included the latest phones first. As earlier, they added the new devices on Miracle other various tools.
  • Activation of this tool is a little bit tuff.

How to Install Miracle Box Setup on your PC

First of all, you need to download the tool from here. Then if you install this tool first time on your PC then connect your Miracle Box with the dongle then follow the below process to install Miracle Box Latest Setup on your PC.

  • Download the Miracle USB Driver on your PC.
  • After that, install the Miracle USB driver by double click on the Miracle USB driver setup.
  • Then download the latest setup on your PC.

Miracle installation directory


  • Then extract the latest setup using WinRAR or try 7Zip.

  • After that, copy all the extracted folder files and then copy all the files to your drive C.
  • Then open the old Miracle Tool installation directory folder and paste all the files there.
  • Once done then run the Miracle update tool once from there.
  • If your Miracle tool showing “Your Software Expired” errors then you have to follow the below solution to fix your device problem.

Your Software Expired! Please Download the Latest Version 

To fix this problem on your PC,  follow the below solution very carefully.

Once Miracle Box V3.01 installation completed then open control panel on your device.

Software error

Fix/Solution: Uninstall or delete the Miracle folder from drive C, then go to the control panel and check there you will see Miracle Box 3.04 in the control panel and then tap on the Uninstall. Once done, then reinstall the Miracle Box 3.04 again from the extracted folder, and it will work for you, If not then comment below.

Miracle Huawei activation Includes with Miracle Huawei activation, Moto activation Miracle Vivo activation, Emmc Tool Activation,

Miracle FRP Tool Activation: You can activate in Miracle Box and it comes free with Miracle dongle and  Miracle Moto activation and Vivo activation, Miracle Emmc Tool Activation.

Some Changelog of this Latest Setup:

Miracle Box v3.01 Setup Details

  1. Add Huawei, Asus Disable Screen Lock in Qualcomm tab.
  2. Improve MTK Disable Screen Lock.
  3. Add new Qualcomm, SPD New 75+, MTK Models Support.
  4. Vivo X27 Pro, Factory Reset, and Account Remove Support added.
  5. Added new Samsung Lz4 File Format Unpack.
  6. Samsung new flash method added.
  7. Add Oppo A77, A77T, R11S, R11S Plus for Factory Reset and Account Remove Support.
  8. Added Oppo A7X Support.

V2.99 Features Added:

  1. Added MTK Read/Write Support for VIVO X21i, Y91, Y93S, Y91C, Y97, Z3i, Y81S.
  2. VIVO X21i Y91 Y93S Y91C Y97 Z3i Y81S also added for MTK Frp Unlock, Factory Reset, Account Remove Added.
  3. MTK MT6765 and 6771 Support added for Vivo devices.
  4. VIVO Z5Xadded for factory reset and Account Remove Support.
  5. Qualcomm new loader added.
  6. Improve the Qualcomm Read, Write and Format.
  7. Improve the Qualcomm device’s flashing.
  8. Added MTK 6771, 65 For New DA Support.
  9. Improved some bugs for smooth work.
  10. Add New 70+ MTK  and Qualcomm also SPD Models.
  11. More than 1millions of latest and old devices.

Miracle Box setup


Millions of Mobile Support

Click on the learn more tab to see which latest devices added on the latest setup, so if you need to know then click on below tab:

Download Miracle Box Latest Setup v3.04

File Name Setup_Miracle_Thunder_Edition_3.04.exe
File Size 896MB
Setup Download



Readme Once:-

Compatibility For:-

We Provide here Miracle Box Latest Setup v3.04. This Tools Compatible for all Windows PC. We tested and Work it on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 70, Windows XP. All tools Supported for Win- 32 & 64 bit.

Download USB Driver:-

If you are trying to download all mobile USB Drivers so please head to the USB Driver page and Download your Mobile USB Driver.


First of all, we didn’t make the Miracle Thunder Update tool. This tool is distributed by a miracle team. full credits go to them.

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